We offer two adapters that allow you to use additional burners and fuels with the Clikstand pot-stand.

Solid Fuel Adapter
The solid fuel adapter is a small, circular tray stamped from the same high quality tempered stainless steel as the Clikstand S-2/S-2G. This tray covers the burner hole on any Clikstand to allow the easy use of solid fuel tablets such as Esbit or hexamine. Solid fuel tablets are efficient and convenient and do not require a burner to be used with the Clikstand.

Weight: 0.5 oz. (14 g). Made in U.S.A..

Evernew Titanium Burner Adapter
This adapter increases stability of Evernew titanium burner when used with all Clikstand models and other Trangia stove systems. The Evernew titanium burner is slightly smaller in diameter than the Trangia burner. This adapter effectively increases the diameter of the lip on the Evernew burner ensuring that it will remain flat and stable when in use with Clikstand and other Trangia stove systems.
This adapter can also work with home made cat can alcohol burners or similar solutions with a slightly smaller diameter than the Trangia Alcohol Stove.

Weight: 0.1 oz. (2.8 g). Made in USA.


Also sold by CampSaver